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Takatu Vineyard & Lodge

This must be one of the region's most exquisite places to taste wine, offering breathtaking views: a gently sloping vineyard, rolling hillscape, impressive lawn, and, in the distance, the sea and Little Barrier Island. Heather and John Forsman have established an attractively laid-out vineyard as well as a luxurious five-star lodge amid the natural beauty of the countryside.

Wines are made by Waiheke stalwart, Herb Friedli, well known for his European-style wines. Takatu wines are indeed a little different from mainstream offerings, but they offer a good deal of interest and make great food companions. OUR PICKS The merlot cabernet franc malbec blend is excellent, made in the classic Bordeaux style. And the dry, elegant pi not gris makes a superb partner for flavoursome seafood dishes.

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