... Blend glorious views with a lodge that allows the landscape to speak for itself and you have the serenity that is Takatu... Beautifully designed, Takatu Lodge makes the most of the sense of space and simplicity in one of New Zealand's great beauty spots...a tantalizing glimpse through the door to the lodge's public areas reveal sweeping views to vineyards through the glass walls surrounding the guests' sitting room (with fireplace), dining room and kitchen, where delicious breakfasts of local produce are served.

Matakana is fast becoming a premium winegrowing district and desirable second home location for rich Aucklanders and overseas visitors alike.

Read my mind (comment on beds in suites): The super-king bed comes with pillows that take up almost as much space as the white cotton doona. Bibliophiles will be in heaven, with wall mounted lamps that shine directly onto the bed.

Splash Out (comment on bathrooms in suites): Here you can soak in the grapevine vistas while bathing. Or enjoy what must be a close-to-perfect shower stall: Italian walls and floors, no door and space enough not to splash the room.