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    About Takatu


    Spending most of my teenage years visiting family in Snells Beach; close neighbour to Matakana, summer was always the favourite time for all.  With BBQ's in the backyard, tents propped up on the front lawn and beach towels hanging out to dry, our life was of luxury. 

    Some weekends were spent out at Omaha Beach, with memories of charging across the scolding hot sand, ouching and ooing all the way to the surf which came as a relief for our feet, but sometimes not so much for our sun warmed bodies.  The sea was so clear and cool that it took a few 1,2 3's to plunge our bodies under the surf.

    Kawau Island brought us some unforgettable days. Bouncing around the waves on an inflated tractor tyre inner tube and being hurled around the back of an ol' tinnie while the adults dive for scallops.  You would laugh uncontrollably as you bounced off the tyre and hoisted head first into the ocean while holding on to a rope for dear life.  It was fun!  At the end of the day, settling on the beach at Lady's Bay on the east side of Kawau Island, our sunkissed skins relishing the balmy evening breeze while indulging on fresh scallops barbecued on an open fire.  The silhouette of Warkworth and Kaipara in the distance as the sun descended was a true delight and very memorable. 

    So it comes as no surprise that I find myself residing many years later in this beautiful region known as Matakana Wine Coast.  Although now there is another playing field, a grown up's playing field, with delectable local products and produce to be enjoyed at the Matakana Farmers Market on a Saturday, restaurants and cafes of high standard, local resident artists showcasing their talents and vineyards with internationally acclaimed wines, including our very own Takatu Estate wines .

    With over 30 years in hospitality and tourism, I bring with me my passion for food, wine and art. Travelling has taken me to some of the most amazing hidden gems, places where cultural food and art brought out the core of a community, providing the consumer with an unforgettable experience of all their senses.  

    Personally being involved in food, wedding and events coordinating, and tour operating in remote and tropical locations, it was the greatest of pleasure and satisfaction to see our visitors and guests take a part of their experience away with them.

    Guests found time to absorb the tranquility, relax and enjoy the peace that surrounded them, bringing back the familiarity of the times of less hurried, with one's self or the one's dear to their hearts. 

    Takatu Lodge & Vineyard is one of those hidden gems, located in a remarkable and intriguing village of Matakana with fascinating and adventurous playgrounds at such close proximity.  You'll find that tranquility here, the personal touch and warmth.

    We hope that you explore for yourself and take some special memories away with you.  Indulge with all your senses.......and come back!

    We look forward to seeing you soon.


    Warmest Regards

    Sharon Greene and the Takatu Lodge & Vineyard Team