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Posted by on August 22, 2016 at 06:41 PM in Matakana

The Sawmill

Great Beer, Fantastic Food

The popular Brewery, which has stood ground on the old Leigh Sawmill since 2004, has officially moved house. Eventually outgrowing the old site, a dairy paddock between Matakana and Whangateau now houses the Sawmill Brewery, a larger and more sophisticated premise that was a year in the making. 

Owners Mike Sutherland and Kirsty McKay envisioned a venue where their customers could enjoy the Sawmill’s full range of craft beer directly from the source. Fittingly, the stainless steel brewing tanks now serve as the venue’s backdrop. 

The building is indeed unique, which is no doubt a result of the creative input of all involved. From the plumber, to local artists and students, up to the marketing team, everyone was involved in creating the bespoke venue. Despite the necessary fixtures of a brewery - it is indeed a steel shed - a cosy foyer greets you and leads you to a warm ambience, created by the extensive use of natural materials such as native timber. 

The new location, set at the foot of Mt Tamahunga, boasts indoor and outdoor dining areas where visitors can enjoy perfectly paired meals and beverages. You will notice there is a common thread to the menu, perhaps hinted at by the name of the main dining room: The Smoke Room. Renowned chef Will Michell has made great use of his ‘low-and-slow’ barbecue style to create a menu full of perfectly smoked dishes. There is the smoked sardine pate with bread, or the smoked mushrooms with turmeric spiced chickpeas to tickle your fancy. Or perhaps the miso and seaweed-smoked goat, which pairs nicely with a hoppy brown ale. 

For those unaccustomed to smoky flavours, there are half a dozen more options, such as the pork cheeks, the salted Kahawai or the oysters. Of course for those with families, there are options for children that aren’t so elaborate. 

While the sophisticated menu is reason alone to visit the new brew shed, the move from the Leigh Sawmill has allowed the team to extend their range of craft beers. Brewing at the new venue since February, Mike, Kirsty and their talented team have been able to produce new ales, such as a Chocolate Stout that has craft beer enthusiasts lining up to try it. It also goes perfectly with the Peanut butter cookie and Charlie’s dark chocolate gelato sandwich for those with an undying sweet tooth! 

The quality of the beer brewed here is evident from the fast expansion of its stockists; 140 outlets in Auckland in the last four years. The brand is also being stocked in Wellington and Christchurch, with hopes of international exportation. 

For your chance to experience the unique food and drink available at the Sawmill Brewery, book your Spring weekend break* at Takatu Lodge & Vineyard and receive a complimentary Beer Paddle Tasting for two while grazing on a range of small dishes at the Sawmill Brewery, 1004 Leigh Road, Matakana.  (*Offer valid for stays during the period from 1 September to 31 October 2016).